Hotel Or Couchsurfing Near Los Angeles For The E3 Convention

5 Reasons Why Couchsurfing Near Los Angeles Is A Better Option During Your E3 Convention

The E3 convention is going to be a blast!  But, where are you going to stay that will be cheap, safe and accommodating.  Try looking into couchsurfing.  What is couchsurfing? It is a community of members that allow others to sleep on their couches, for FREE! Wow, that’s a steal.  So, if you dont’ care about where you sleep and just want to spend all your money at the E3 convention, try couchsurfing. Here are my three reasons you should really consider couchsurfing.

1 ) It is FREE! The community of couch surfers won’t charge people for staying in their place. All you got to do is sign up and create a profile online so people can get to know you.

2 ) You will learn new things.  Staying with strangers can be intimidating, but meeting new people is fun.  You will learn new cultures, food and gain new friends during your stay at the E3 convention.

3 ) It is safe.  The community of couch surfers are honest and safe people.  You will be comfortable knowing your belongings and safety is a priority. In addition, you get to choose who you want to stay with by similar interest.

4 ) Guidebook secrets. You will get to see things that are not written in guide books.  By meeting new faces you will pick up city secrets that tourist cannot acquire.

5 ) Great for single traveler.  Why waste money when you are traveling by yourself, when you can couchsurf and save hundreds of dollars.  Hotels range from $70-$200 dollars for a single bed, in Los Angeles.  You rather save that money for the E3 convention.

Although it’s not the most comfortable option, it enables us to spend less and take pleasure in the the E3 experience. Luckily, there are numerous parking options in every city if you know where to discover them. Read between the lines and you will see a category of people making the very best of what they got.

Couchsurfing Near The Los Angeles Area: Traveling Tips And Tricks

Here are a few more tips and tricks to help your travels at E3 in Los Angles.  Choose a couch surfing host with similar interest.  This will make the transition and traveling more fun.  Be sure to ask questions and chat With the Locals. Meeting locals is the best way to obtain the tastiest food and many fun attractions in any certain area.

Speaking of keys, ensure you understand how to lock and unlock all the doors ahead of your host leaves. After you are done with your trip, give small gift or act of kindness to your host.  Also, try to work around the host’s schedule since you are staying for free. Lastly, leave good feedback about the host.

Do’s And Don’ts: Couchsurfing Near Los Angeles

Do: Create a good impression from the start and be respectful.  Secondly, be on time and show up to the place. Don’t bail out last minute, or you may be a bad review.  Thirdly, be involved and go out with your host.  This is a great way for exchanging differences and getting to know new people.  Lastly, have fun!

Don’t: Don’t be snotty and rude. Remember you’re a guest at someone’s place.  Being obnoxious loud and helping yourself to food/drink may be shun upon.  Just have common sense when you’re in someone’s place.  In addition, do not out stay your welcome unless there has been a new arrangement.  Do not steal! This happens, but you should always check your bags before leaving.

In our experience, it’s important to benefit from side events. There are many opportunities and methods to earn money when traveling. There’s a good deal of places to learn English too. As you cooperate, it will end up easier all the time.

Mind you, going to a different city in which you recognize virtually no one, is quite humbling.  If you’re going to be heading to a huge city such as los Angeles, you might have to to take care of parking that handy vehicle. Get a cheap rental car so you don’t have to waste money on uber.  With E3, its no surprise that the bay area has exploded with tech company and tech talent.  Walking amongst the crowds in the conventional aspect makes it possible for visitors to look at the palace up close.

E3 Convention Need To Knows

Make sure you have a time schedule of the people you want to see at the E3 expo.  Plan accordingly and bring good walking shoes because you will be walking a lot.  For first timers, you need to need to know where you are going to eat.  Food prices will be spike up and the food may be bland, thus you cannot be picky.  In addition, pick up the E3 show daily map that are nearby everyone’s stand.

Furthermore, if you see any celebrities, such as Snoop Dogg, keep it cool. Don’t carry a large bag to E3 because the security will be tight.  If you drive, get there early, otherwise you can ride share or Uber there.  If you can’t make it to E3, stream it live!  Not everyone has the money to go to Los Angeles and throw money. Also, if you hate crowds, you may not want to go to the E3 convention.  There are thousands of people there and it will get crazy.

Alternatives To Couchsurfing Near Los Angeles

Pay a ton of money for hotels? Or, rent a AirBnb.  Either way, if you wish to have a private space, it will cost you more money.  Usually, a couple meals are included each day also.  In the end, if you cannot afford to go, just stream it live at the comfort of you home.  Here is some live feed and trailers that may hype you about next year’s E3 event.